About me

Well hello there. I’m Megan, a southerner happily at home in Manchester who enjoys exploring this fair city on two wheels.

I don’t believe you need special clothes or expensive kit to ride a bike, and you don’t need to be super-fit. I do believe that travelling by bike makes me happy, and that more people should try it.

But if you were expecting erudite comment on the state of UK bicycle infrastructure, in-depth analysis of the latest high-end carbon fibre bikes, or a passionate flag-waver for women’s cycling, well sorry, you’ll have to go elsewhere to people far better qualified than I.

Nope, these are just the ramblings of an ordinary girl bimbling around Manchester on a bike, frequently making a bit of a twit of herself, but doing it with a smile.

And just to prove I’m not a bike bore, I also like my job in a theatre, food, books, getting my walking boots muddy, running, singing, and country pubs. Disclaimer: I may occasionally talk about any or none of these things here.I’m also really rubbish at taking photos, sorry about that.

You can say hi to me on Twitter if you fancy. Unless it’s early in the morning and I’ve not had a brew yet, in which case, keep well clear for a while.


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