Transport, not sport

slow bikeIt’s a depressing fact that as a female cyclist, you have to put up with a few heckles out there. Some men still find it necessary to pass comment on your appearance as you pass. For the most part I treat them with the total disdain they deserve, but every now and then, one manages to wind me up.

Like today. I was peddalling slowly en route to meet a friend, going slowly because I had no need to hurry, and didn’t want to arrive all sweaty and flustered.

A fella ambling along the pavement in a puffer jacket suddenly yelled out “Put your back into it love!”. Not exactly offensive, but it did get me thinking.

I had no more intention of ‘putting my back into it’ than he did of breaking into a sprint.

It seems a lot of people still think the only use of a bike is for sport, and the only way to cycle is fast, with your head down, clad in Lycra. My heckler simply didn’t know what to make of me, dressed in jeans, duffel coat and boots, riding in a distinctly relaxed Sunday style.

If I want a workout, I go for a run. If I want to get somewhere, I ride my bike. My bike is transport, not sport.

So no, I absolutely will not be ‘putting my back into it’.



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