Plastic bag + lanyard = eureka!

You really can carry a lot of random stuff on a bike. And I’m not talking just the usual commuter stuff like clothes and packed lunches and laptops.

I’ve always been a bit gung ho about shifting gubbins around on my bike, and it’s not always ended well. Not so long ago I cycled home on a windy day with a huge bunch of flowers sticking out my pannier. I naively though that this would be a sensible way of getting the flowers home, with the added benefit of lending my two-wheeled look a certain bohemian, hippy chic. Yeah right. By the time I got home it was a very small bunch of flowers indeed…

So it wasn’t massively out of character that at 6pm yesterday I was to be found at the office bike racks scratching my head at how to attach a PC keyboard to my bike. As you do. Just as I was giving it up as a non-starter under current circumstances, a colleague passed, and after a bit of a laugh at my efforts, had the ingenious idea of lending me her lanyard for the job – being superior to mine as it split in the middle so was effectively a long cord with a handy spring clip in the middle. Add a carrier bag for weather protection and keep dangly cables out the way and eureka! – me and the keyboard got home in one piece.


My efforts are however pretty feeble when you see some of the stuff people lug round on bikes elsewhere in the world, particularly in developing countries where a transit van isn’t really an option for a lot of small business owners.

Banana bike


Flowers(This last one makes my own flower-carrying efforts look really, really poor I know…)


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