A letter to Santa (or, what to buy the bicycle loving lady in your life this Christmas)

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl on a bike this year. I’ve cycled through pouring rain, howling gales and a (very) few scorching hot summer days. I’ve not shouted at any fellow road-users, except maybe a few cyclists without lights (and they deserve it), I’ve even made an attempt at learning how to look after my bike rather than just abandoning it in the hallway to rust and fall to bits.

So, please do feel free to drop one of these lovelies down the chimney this Christmas:


Pashley Aurora (and yes, it does cost a month’s wages...)

Failing that, then there’s always the pony option… and this one’s a whole lot cheaper than four legged one I had my eye on at age 12…


However if there simply isn’t room on your sleigh for these, then what bicycle-riding girl doesn’t want a purple helmet, a new bag, or an actually-not-too-unattractive high vis jacket? Or reflective moustaches all over their bike of course.


Thanks Mr Claus, you’re the best!


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