Bike? Bah, humbug

feet They say a change is as good as a rest. Well a rest is pretty good as well.

I’ve just had two weeks off the bike, no particular reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps it was the onset of the cold dark nights, or the awful spate of recent cyclist deaths in London, or just a bad case of can’t-be-arsed-itis. It just all seemed so much effort…

To begin with, non-bike life was all a bit of a pleasant novelty: I didn’t have to carry half my wardrobe to work every day, could do all my work email on the bus and arrive in the office with an empty inbox, and my hair remained almost presentable all day. Gosh.

Slowly, slowly though, the balance back towards the bike started tipping. There was the day I left home at 8.30am and didn’t get to work until 10am thanks to traffic (it’s a 4 mile journey). There was the man with questionable personal hygiene who coughed over me throughout a bus journey. There was the 1lb a week I put on thanks to the lack of exercise – seriously! There was the evening journey home from a choir rehearsal when I realised that singing to yourself on a bus does not go as unnoticed as singing to yourself on a bike…

And so I’m back on the bike again, rested, happier, and fully thermal-geared up for the winter. Bring it on!

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