What I have learnt from my bike this week

Gosh, I have readers.

A post I wrote a few days ago turned out to be (for me) read far and wide, thanks to inclusion in the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s weekly blog round-up. Which was nice. But it seems that no longer can I just witter away on here assuming only my mum will read this (if she’s really nothing better to do).

After hitting such dizzying heights of readership, it was back to the reality of wet and windswept November commuting with a bit of a squelch this week. However I have learnt several important cycling lessons in those intervening days, which I feel it my duty to share with you:

1.) A lot of cyclists advocate ‘dressing for the destination, not for the bike’ but if it’s raining, and you’re cycling to something quite important, a change of clothes is really quite a good idea.
Yes, I was that person who turned up to perform in a concert on Saturday evening, drenched through, boots full of water and splashed artfully with mud, sodden hair dripping gently down the back of my neck, skirt clinging to legs rather embarrassingly, standing on stage while a small pool developed around my feet. Teeth chattering like castanets do not also help singing very much, though perhaps adds an unexpected extra percussive element to our show.

2.) Riding a bike on the road is not dangerous, sharing your home with a bike is. I keep my bike in the hallway of my flat. The flat I’ve lived in for 3 years. The bathroom is at the opposite end of the hallway from the bedroom. A 3am bathroom stumble is therefore fraught with danger; as the huge bruise all the way down my forearm from a particularly nasty encounter will testify, I still haven’t learnt this.

3.) Autumn mornings are amazing.
Just look at this: 8am on my way to work in the middle of a major conurbation. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness indeed. Why, why, why would anyone want to sit in a car?

autumn morning

So, welcome new readers. If you were expecting erudite comment on the state of UK bicycle infrastructure, in-depth and insightful analysis of the latest high-end carbon fibre bikes, or a passionate flag-waver for women’s cycling, well sorry, you’ll have to go elsewhere to people far better qualified than I.

Nope, these is just the ramblings of an ordinary girl bimbling around Manchester on a bike, frequently making a bit of a twit of herself, but doing it with a smile.

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