Summertime, and the cycling is easy

It seems the epic hard cold winter, and relentlessly icy spring is finally behind us, and I’ve been in cycling heaven all week. Here are a few of my favourite things about summer pedalling – long may it last!

Fair weather cyclists
I’ve seen literally hundreds of them this week pedalling along, occasionally somewhat unsteadily, on bikes which have languished dormant in sheds all wintertime. It would be very easy for us all-year, all-weather cyclists to sniff at them contemptuously, but as far as I’m concerned one more person on a bike is never, ever a bad thing. Welcome to the club, my friends!

Getting down with the wildlife
As a country bumpkin at heart I can’t help but adore this time of year – the luminous freshness of the trees as they burst into leaf, the early mists lingering over the road on a still morning. Best of all are the birds; just this week I’ve seen blue tits, blackbirds, thrushes, finches, magpies and even a heron en route to work. Not to mention the throngs I haven’t been able to spot but whose songs have made the perfect early evening chill-out soundtrack. (Infinitely preferable to my years plugged into an ipod on a packed train).

Flashing some flesh
Fellow Manchester-dwellers, I hope you’ve had your sunglasses to hand this week, or I must apologise retrospectively for any damage I may have done while flashing my chalky white legs at you. Yes, I have had my legs out this week for the first time this year, after a frantic morning rummage in the back of the wardrobe for my cropped leggings (I haven’t yet mastered the art of cycling in a skirt without leggings under it, previous attempts have always resulted in a bit too much flashing, if you know what I mean….)

And with that, I’m taking the bike out into the sunshine to run some pre-holiday errands. And yes, the pasty legs will be out again. Consider yourselves warned.

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