On my wishlist for summer

Despite riding a bike nearly every day, I don’t own a single item of cycling clothing (except a helmet)

When I first started bike-commuting I did ride to work in running kit and trainers, getting changed at the office. However I got fed up with lugging all that kit around, and let’s face it, I don’t ride fast enough to work up much of a sweat so feeling icky isn’t really an issue.

And just look at all these gorgeous pictures of gorgeous people riding to work in their gorgeous everyday clothes?  Not a scrap of Lycra in sight eh?

My uniform of choice for bike commutes these days is some sort of short-dress-over-leggings/slim-jeans-with-a-cardi combo, which thanks to my office smart-casual dress code, and a sensible step-through ladies’ bike frame means I can wear the same outfit all day. Of course this is Manchester not Malibu, so some concession to the weather has to be made and on wet cold days I just pile fleeces and waterproofs on over the top of everything – not exactly stylish but I’d rather stay dry.

I have a quality-over-quantity attitude to clothes, preferring to buy a few really nice things that will last, and I’m lusting over some lovely dresses at the moment. I can feel my credit card bracing itself for a beating….

First up, a lovely number from Patagonia.
Oh-so-gorgeous and from a company with sound environmental committments (TICK!)

Patagonia green dress

Florita dress, £55, Patagonia

Minx dress

OK, OK. this one is from a cycle-clothing website, but you gotta admit, it’s a million miles from padded lycra shorts isn’t it?
Ruu Muu dress, £70, Minx

Whit stuff polka dots

Antique tunic, £39.35, White Stuff

Fat Face green dress

Penny Floral Tunic, £35, Fat Face

All lovely things to wear on a bike, all lovely things to wear off a bike. My favourite kind of cycling gear 🙂

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