Bike lust

Bobbin Brownie

In the sort of way that other girls go dewy-eyed over shoes and frocks and handbags, I’m a little bit in love with this beauty at the moment. It’s a Bobbin Brownie  and the manufacturer’s blurb says “If you like leather satchels, Mackintoshes, Moleskine notebooks and Box Brownie cameras, this is the Bobbin for you. This beautiful, simple looped frame bicycle is designed for women who want a classic bike that can handle a few hills.


In my head it would only ever be sunny when I was riding this bike. And I’d never be riding home from work on a dark, cold, wet evening – oh no I’d be en-route to sip a foamy cappuccino in a chic pavement cafe somewhere. In fact, I’m probably also living in some lovely bike friendly city like Amsterdam or Copenhagen, or even Cambridge. And no driver would ever behave like a b*****d while I was riding this bike; there’d be no cutting me up, pulling out without indicating or passing with mere inches to spare.

Dream on eh?

photo credit: Queenie & the Dew via photopin cc

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